Our name, our logo, our purpose

The name Windaan is from the Gumbaynggirr language meaning ‘blady grass’ a grass used widely in traditional Aboriginal weaving practices. Alone it represents individual strands of grass. However, when woven together in partnership with other strands, it forms a strong material used for thatching shelters, weaving bags and other items of importance and value. The Windaan logo directly symbolises the meaning of connection and collective strength.

Gumbaynggirr Nation covers a large area of the of the mid-north coast of NSW, from the Nambucca River in the South to Clarence River in the North and the Great Dividing Range in the West. Gumbaynggirr is the traditional language from the region where Aboriginal service development is growing, and we have been granted permission by the Elders and local language holders for the use of the word.

Our service model

We believe in a strengths-based approach to relationships and acknowledge the skills of all who we work with. Together, with genuine collaboration, we complement each other and achieve more for our community. We:

  • Promote strengths-based approach to relationships and acknowledge the existing strengths of all who we work with
  • Connect and come together with others to achieve positive outcomes for Aboriginal services, Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal people
  • Build with a clear vision and purpose

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