Early intervention services

Early intervention is the provision of specialised support services for children (0-16 years of aged) and their families, to promote growth, development and participation, during their early years or at the first signs of a developmental delay.

Early intervention not only focuses on the child but on up-skilling, educating and empowering parents, educators and other health professionals. It empowers the important people in the child’s life have the right tools to support, no matter the environments.

A fresh approach that respects culture

At Windaan we provide a mix of traditional face-to-face early intervention services, with strategic use of social media and telehealth technology. Our model involves working closely with Aboriginal families and local partner organisations, such as Aboriginal medical services.

Is your child behind in anyway? Communication, behaviour or diet concerns? Need extra support?

Let us help you and your family learn new skills and strategies to reach their potential.

Extensive experience with complex needs, developmental delay or with disability.

Start your journey today, let’s have yarn or you can start here.

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