Initiatives to create opportunities for Aboriginal people 

We’re excited to announce our social enterprise project, designed to create entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people, no matter your location.

Are you an Aboriginal person looking for a job in the disability sector?

Opportunities now exists for Aboriginal people who are already caring for people with disability, but might not have the right support or information available to provide the necessary care.

We’ll provide you with the support, guidance and mentorship to build your capacity, skills and knowledge to become a support coordinator under the NDIS framework. In this way we hope to empower Aboriginal people to create their own businesses and to continue to support the Indigenous community.

It is our hope that initiatives like this will bring us another step closer to closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people accessing supports and fill the emerging needs of the Aboriginal community to be serviced in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way.

Why is Aboriginal social enterprise important?

Social enterprise opportunities give Aboriginal people the benefits of:

  • Culturally appropriate services
  • Acknowledgment of existing strengths and skills in the community
  • Providing real social value returns for the Indigenous community
  • Empowerment to help their community
  • Closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people accessing supports

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If you would like further information about Windaan social enterprise opportunities contact us today.

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