Consultancy services

Could your organisation use some expert advice on transitioning to the NDIS?

Is providing quality programs and services for Aboriginal families and communities a strategic priority for your organisation?

Would you like expert guidance and advice from a dedicated team of Aboriginal service and business development professionals?

Identify and achieve your organisation’s goals with Windaan business consultancy services

Delivered by an experienced team of skilled and qualified professionals, we’re proud to introduce Windaan business consultancy services.

Our expert consultancy services can help you to build the capacity of your organisation to engage and service Aboriginal communities in a culturally appropriate way.

We can create an individual approach to your unique business and provide specialist advice and guidance in:

  1. Providing NDIS services for Aboriginal service users: We can assist in the preparation and implementation of strategic approaches to providing NDIS services to Aboriginal families and communities.
  2. Increasing Aboriginal employment: We’re an Aboriginal employment specialist and can guide your organisation to address your individual workforce needs through the development and implementation of Aboriginal Employment Strategies.
  3. Effectively transitioning your organisation to the NDIS: Our team of NDIS specialists can provide you with expert guidance and advice in relation to preparing your organisation for the implementation of the NDIS.
  4. Engaging key Aboriginal stakeholders: We can give you expert guidance in developing an Aboriginal Engagement Strategy, equipping your business a range of tools to assist you in building your profile within Aboriginal communities.
  5. Developing cultural care pathways: Our expert team of Aboriginal consultants can conduct a review of your service delivery frameworks to assess the cultural responsiveness of your service offerings. This includes specialist guidance and advice on the key elements of culturally responsive service delivery.

Who runs our business consultancy program?

Our business consultancy leader is Joseph Archibald. Joseph’s passionate about the empowerment of Aboriginal communities and uses his insights and deep understanding of the need to build real cultural capacity.

I’d like to get started

Windaan business consultancy services are uniquely positioned to support your business in achieving your Aboriginal community engagement and service goals. If you would like further information about Windaan business consultancy services contact us today.

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