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What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a way to access therapy online by computer or phone using software, apps, video-call or phone call. Telehealth can also be known as telepractice, teletherapy and online supports.

Why use telehealth?

Telehealth can be useful because it can:

Keep you SAFE

Reduce exposure to infectious diseases such as coronavirus (COVID-19)

Give you ACCESS

Allows you to access services faster and get services that may not be available in your area

SAVE you from TRAVEL

Allows you to stay home, reduce the burden of travel on health and wellbeing and saves you on cost of travel

CARE for your CARER

Reduces the burden and inconvenience on carers and decreases any impact on work commitments and social factors

HELP you understand HEALTH

Provides you with tools to understand and manage your or your child’s health condition better

Include your SOCIAL CIRCLE

Allows larger networks of care – more carers, family and friends can attend consultations

When to use telehealth?

It is recommended that you use telehealth when you need therapy and:

  • It is hard to get face-to-face therapy
  • You are sick or are at-risk of getting sick
  • There is an epidemic or pandemic such as coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • You prefer this particular service
  • To continue to get therapy during a time when you cannot do face-to-face.

How does telehealth work?

Therapy can be provided by video conference, video-call, apps, phone call, email or a combination of these. This can be worked out with your therapist based your situation and what works best for you.

Is telehealth as good as face-to-face therapy?

Telehealth is different from face-to-face therapy but can deliver positive outcomes as well. Research has shown that accessing telehealth is better than having no services at all. Research has also shown that telehealth can enhance quality of care, improve outcomes and support the knowledge and development of care and care coordination.

It is recommended a carer, parent or adult is with your child during a telehealth session.

What do you need to do telehealth?

Landline Phone

Mobile Phone


It is better if you have internet access

What does telehealth look like?

Telehealth is very similar to face-to-face therapy except the therapist is not in the same room. Some of the things your therapist can do in a telehealth session include:

  • Parent/carer training and education
  • Developing a plan and goal with you
  • Guide you and your child in practicing activities and strategies
  • Watch you and/or your child in certain activities
  • Demonstrate activities
  • Engage your child in an activity
  • Create a program with you
  • Use a variety of online tools and apps to support your child’s goals.

What services are available on telehealth?

Windaan offer the below allied health services through telehealth:

  • Speech-language pathology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Behaviour support
  • Psychology
  • Dietetics

Who can access telehealth?

Most children and families are able to access telehealth but sometimes there are factors that may impact on the suitability of telehealth. We recommend that you discuss your interest and suitability with your therapist.


If you would like more information on telehealth or accessing telehealth, please contact us on 1800 WINDAAN (1800 946 322) or [email protected]. You may also visit our website at

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